Want to work with us?

Because of how we are structured, we are very selective in who we work with. We view our client relationships as partnerships because that’s exactly what they are.

You have a vision and we have the skills and process to manage your thought leadership development while you take care of the rest. 

The truth is, not every company can become a thought leader and over the past two years, we’ve become very good at identifying upfront who will be a fit and of course, who will not.

We ask ourselves these questions before we begin a partnership: 

Do they solve a big problem?

Do they inspire us? Does their mission excite us?

Do we believe they have a chance at becoming THE solution?

Do they understand the big picture and process of PR?

What do they care about more: results or money? 

Is this someone we want to work with for the next 5 years?

Seeking answers to these questions and many others, we determine if we think there is long term partnership potential where we can truly add value to make that big vision into a reality.

To see if you are a fit, please complete the application below. If we think your a fit, our research team will follow up within 4 business days. Because of the recent volume of applications, we can no longer respond to all requests so if you do not hear back from us, it means for now, we don’t a partnership is possible at this time. 

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What buzzwords relate to your industry:

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Sit tight! If we think you are a fit for our services, our team will contact you within 3-4 days.